To some people, worries get more anxious with relaxation

According to a new research, those who try to relax might get more anxious as relaxing gets interrupts their worrying pattern. Though the intent of exercises to relax is for reducing anxiety, for few it might cause an opposite effect. The study concludes that relaxation gets conflicted with continuous worry in such kind of people. Michelle Newman is a professor of psychology and Hanjoo Kim, who is a graduate student in psychology were the authors of the study at Penn State University. According to the theory worrying is an attempt to pay in advance for something which might happen in the future. 

Professor Newman says that this doesn’t actually help people. Professor also said that some people might also stay anxious so that they can prevent large shift in anxiety. She also said that the more you do, the more you will realize that you can do it, so it’s better to let yourself to be related. Though the mystery behind relaxation induced anxiety is not yet clear it can be avoided. According to them, those who have generalized anxiety disorder will fear sharp spike in negative emotion and hence will prefer to maintain negative affect than being relaxed. 

The study included 96 college students out of which 32 participants were suffering from generalized anxiety disorder while 34 of them with major depressive disorder. And 30 participants were without any disorder who served as a control group. With relaxation exercise they started their experiment. Later the participants watched videos which researchers have selected to show their sadness or fear. Researchers had administered questionnaires with each participant so that they would know about their emotional shift. According to professor mindfulness training and other kinds of intervention can let people go and live the moments without any worry.