Hip fracture linked with vitamin B-6 and B-12

In general vitamins are very important for maintaining good health. But when consumed in excess it will damage the body. According to a recent study, intake of vitamin B can increase the risk of hip fracture. In United States, vitamins and mineral supplements are increasingly popular. About 52% of the adults in the US had some kind of supplements in 2011-2012. Though it might be mandatory for some people to take these supplements it can increase concern if they take more than what is needed. Insufficient and excess intake of vitamins and nutrients both can be harmful. 

In this particular study, researchers focused mainly on vitamin B-12 and B-6 which has different roles in our body and is present in various foods. For a healthy person following a balanced diet is sufficient to get adequate amounts of these vitamins from food. People who take both vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-6 are at higher risk of developing fractures. Scientists have got access to data from 75,864 postmenopausal women who were involved in nurse’s health study. They also had a track on their smoking status, medications, their recreational activities, BMI etc.

While the study was performed for 20 years on these women, it was observed that 2304 hip fractures. And the scientists were able to see some kind of relationship between hip fractures and vitamin B supplementation. It was observed that there was around 50% of increased risk of hip fractures in women who took vitamin B combination supplements than those who had lower intake of these vitamins. They also mentioned that women who had taken medium intake of these supplements were not at great risk. 

The scientists also said that these higher levels of vitamin B was only associated with additional supplements and not because of intake of dietary foods. However how vitamin B-6 and B-12 increase the risk of fractures is not actually known. Studies also say that it can also be associated with ingestion of high levels of B-6. Experts also believe that higher dose of vitamin B-6 also causes neurological symptoms like ataxia and reduce muscle tone. These symptoms might later increase the risk of high fracture. Certain theories also say that higher levels of Vitamin B-6 might accelerate bone loss. In many cases, the authorities are not yet aware about the actual role of vitamin B-12 in causing hip fractures.