Few tips a nurse should follow to pursue her professional goals

If you want to take nursing as your full time career then you must pay attention to your professional development in order to grow and maintain your competence, improve professional nursing practice, and support achieving your career goals.

Once you have freshly graduated from any recognised nursing school, you will face different challenging situations on your first job and it can be a difficult journey. You may need to learn many latest technologies, deal with life and death situations all of a sudden, communicate with patient’s family members to provide help besides doctor demands to fulfil. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed due to the hectic and stressful environment at your workplace. So here are a few tips that will help you to adjust yourself in workplace and start enjoying your nursing career.

  1. Remember, it is very common that fresher go through tremendous stress in the first few months of a nursing position. Since you have shifted from the role of a nursing student to a professional with some serious responsibilities in a short period of time, it is no surprise that it may take some adjustments. As you start getting accustomed to your new role, keep in mind that countless others have also went through this transition and learned to survive. Nurses, who have gone through those first 90 days of joining healthcare industry, can relate particularly to what you are experiencing currently and offer you helpful guidance.
  2. Don’t feel ashamed to speak up. Make sure you ask your instructor freely all the questions and doubts that come to your mind. Since you are dealing with life and death situations, your confusion regarding anything related to patient care can put patient’s safety to danger. Most of the tips for newbie nursing professionals will be to emphasize the significance of studying the medications of every patient you deal with.
  3. Build a team rapport with experienced and senior nurses at your workplace. Maintain a good gesture with your co workers as this would make a big difference in your workplace environment and you will feel much easier to function. 
  4. A nurse is an important connection that holds patient care systematically together. Nothing can be done without the assistance of the nurse. They are the communication bridge that connects the doctors, surgeons, pharmacy, RT, PT, and so on to the patients and their health care.
  5. No matter how much knowledgeable you are about health related issues; always remember patients know their physical discomforts better than you do. You might fail to spot any critical symptom of patients if you don’t pay attention what is he trying to say or take them seriously. Also, don’t ignore patients’ demands just because sometimes they are causing annoyance to you. No matter how frequently they press their call button, just remain calm and pay attention to what they really need.
  6. Another important tip for new nurses would be to take care of themselves. It’s very common for new nurses to often fall sick during their first year of joining medical industry. But it can be avoided by taking precautions and maintaining hygiene properly. Take sufficient sleep and eat well to stay healthy and strong inside.